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Plaster Mold Aluminum Casting with Secondary CNC Machining for a Copier Frame

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Aluminum Copier Frame
Aluminum Copier Frame

Beginning with our design team, we took the concept which was created in solid geometry, analyzed it to suggest modifications to assist in the casting process, then the changes were incorporated heading off future casting issues.  The designer then created the complete pattern tool in solids directly from the supplied geometry eliminating any misrepresentation or errors.  The job was released to the shop, programmed, CNC machined and prepared for the foundry in our Pattern shop, brought to foundry to be cast in a 356 aluminum alloy then T6 heat treated.  At this point the customer had an option to see and approve the raw casting prior to secondary machining.  Once the project had met expectations from our customer, and our Quality Control team, the castings were approved to move through our secondary machining centers.  Using a large 32" x 64" x 30" 4-axis vertical machining center, the critical areas were machined and fully inspected with our DCC-CMMs and quality control team.  Final assembly including dowel pins, threaded inserts and separate steel add-ons were completed.  Having the ability to handle all these tasks in-house, we were able to push the product through all necessary steps and deliver the parts within the 5 week delivery period.

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Aluminum Copier Frame Specifications:

Product Description   High-level precision printer component
Capabilities Applied/Processes  
  • Plaster Mold Casting
  • CNC to finish
  • Manual deburring
  • Assembly of steel dowel pins, helicoils, precision datum bullets
Equipment Used to Complete Secondaries
  Large 4-axis vertical machining center
Tightest Tolerances   .0005¡±
Material Used   Aluminum
Typical Machining Operations
  • Precision Plaster Mold Casting: produced detailed part ready for secondary CNC machining
  • Part cut in 4-axis vertical machine center
In Process Testing Performed
  • All programmed and inspected using PCDMIS & our DCC CMM machines
  • Operator testing including thread gaging
Production Volume
  50 piece prototype run
Industry for Use
  Precision Copier
Delivery Time
  5 weeks
Standards Met
  Castings to 3D geometry and secondary machining to supplied customer toleranced prints
Product Name
  Copier Frame

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