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Multi Slide Stamping Female Insert Plug for theTransportation Industry

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Female Insert Plug for the Freight Transportation Industry

Working with a freight transportation client located in Boston, MA, Rochester Technology and Manufacturing - RTMA produces a female insert plug used in a truck-to-trailer attachment application. The production process involves our multi slide stamping services, as well as assembly and packaging steps for final delivery of the completed part. Our multi slide stamping press produces the body of the insert plug from .025" thick CDA 260 brass, stamping each piece measuring 1.810" long, .314" tall, and with a width between .325" and .340", maintaining a ±.005" tolerance. In addition, a #6-40 thread is formed at one end of the piece, for insertion of a UNF-2A machine screw with a .250" thread length.

Our multi slide stamping press operates at 40 strokes per minute, stamping 1 piece per stroke for 2,550 parts per hour. For the assembly/screw insertion step, our customer requires that the screw is assembled all the way down into the piece, with no cross threading, and torque not to exceed 4 lbs.-in. This produces a final, assembled product weighing .014 lbs., with a yield stress @2% between 72 and 77 KSI, a #3 edge type, and the ability for the thread to withstand a minimum 8.0 lbs. of torque.

To complete our client's order, we package 8" x 8" x 8" white CAR boxes, 2,000 parts per box, onto 2 and 3 layer skids with 20 boxes per layer. This customer's annual order is 100,000 insert plugs, with a standard production time of 5-6 weeks and delivery within 8-10 weeks.

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Female Insert Plug Specifications:

Product Description   This female insert is used for attaching a truck to a trailer in the Freight Transportation Industry
Capabilities Applied/Processes  
Multi Slide Stamping Assembly: Screw Insertion
Overall Part Dimensions  
Length: 1.810"
Width: .325" to .340"
Height: .314"
Material Thickness: .025"
#6-40 UNF-2A Machine Screw: .250" Thread Length
Tightest Tolerances   ±.005"
Material Used   CDA 260 Brass
Typical Machining Operations  
Multi Slide Stamping:
1 Piece Per Stroke
2,550 Parts per Hour
Form #6-40 Thread
Assembly: Screw Insertion:
Screw to be Assembled all the way down into the Insert
Torque Must not Exceed 4lbs-in
No Cross Threading
Yield Stress @.2%: 72-77KSI
% Elongation @ 2": 4min.
Edge Type: #3
Thread Must Withstand 8.0lbs min. of Torque
Estimated Part Weight   .014 lbs
Industry for Use   Freight Transportation Equipment
Production Volume   100,000 Annually
Turn Around Time  
Delivery: 8-10 Weeks Production: 5-6 Weeks
Packaged onto Skid:
  • 20 Boxes Per Layer
  • 2-3 Layers
8"x8"x8" White CAR Box
2,000 Parts Per Box
Delivery Location   Boston, Massachusetts
Standards Met   Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name   Female Insert Plug

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