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Precision Water Jet Cut 6061 Aluminum Frame for the Medical Industry

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Precision Water Jet Cut 6061 Aluminum Frame for the Medical Industry

Putting our precision water jet cutting service to expert use, Rochester Technology and Manufacturing Association (RTMA) manufactures a 6061 aluminum frame used within a medical equipment application. In addition to water jet cutting carried out on our Jet Edge Model 55-100 multi-head water jet machine, we also use a Gardner double Disc Grinder SG-6 with oscillating feed to apply a fine finish to the frame. The outer frame of the part measures 5" x 6.5", with a thickness of 0.120". All four internal legs are 0.100" wide, with the outer two measuring 5.125" long and the inner two measuring 4.125". All dimensions are water jet cut to within a ± 0.001" tolerance.

The process involves one water jet cutting procedure for each part, cutting out the component in one single operation. The piece is then ground flat with a fine finish, to 63 RMS. We typically turn around an order in 10 work days, supplying our customer with 250 pieces per production run and manufacturing 2,000 of these frames per year.

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Precision Water Jet Cut 6061 Aluminum Frame Specifications

Product Description   This Aluminum Frame is used within a medical Equipment application
Capabilities Applied/Processes  
Water Jet Cutting Double Disc Grinding
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part   Jet Edge Model 55-100 multi head Waterjet Machine (6 ft. x 12 ft.)
Gardner Double Disc Grinder SDG-6 30" with oscillating feed
Overall Part Dimensions  
Overall Size:
Length: 5.000"
Width: 6.500"
Thickness: .120"
Internal Legs:
.100" Wide x 5.125" Long x2
.100" Wide x 4.125" Long x2
Tightest Tolerances   ±.001" thickness
Material Used   6061 Aluminum
Typical Operations  
Water Jet Cutting:
Cut out Component in One Operation
Double Disc Grinding:
Grind Flat with Fine Finish
Benefits of Water Jet Cutting   No Heat Distortion
Color   Natural Aluminum
Material Finish   63 RMS
Estimated Part Weight   1.5 oz.
Industry for Use   Medical
Production Volume   250 Pieces (2,000 Per Year)
Turn Around Time   10 work days
Standards Met   Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name   Water Jet Cut Precision Frame

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