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Precision Metal Stamping for Printing and Copying Applications

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Precision Stamping for Printing and Copying Applications

The steel paper path guiding parts shown here were manufactured using stamping and metal forming processes on a cold rolled steel base material, and then zinc nickel plated. Both a compound die and a form die are used in the stamping process. This piece is used as a baffle-type part for internal paper path guidance for copier and printer applications. Rochester Technology and Manufacturing Association designed and built specialized tooling to efficiently meet the customer's requirement to produce 10,000 pieces annually. Rochester Technology and Manufacturing Association (RTMA) also produces several similar directing baffles utilizing our wide range of punch press capabilities.

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Printer and Copier Application Metal Stamped and Metal Formed Specs.

Product Description:   The steel paper path parts shown above are used within copiers and printers to control paper flow.
Capability Applied/Processes:   Compound Die, Form Die
Tightest Tolerance:   0.005" verified by DCC programmable CMM and Hard Gauging.
Material Thickness:   0.047"
Material Applied:   Zinc Nickel Plating
Material Used:   C.R.S
Industry for Use:   Copier Products
Volume:   10,000 pcs
Delivery Time:   JIT
Delivery Location:   USA
Standards Met:   Customer supplied print, .DWG Auto CAD file
Product Name:   Baffles
Design Work:   AutoCAD design software to design stamping die and tooling

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